Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-10 72X25Mm 10/Box
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    Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-10 72X25Mm 10/Box

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    The plaster for all situations: Nexcare™ Universal Breathable Plasters breathable plasters belong in the medicine cabinet of every household thanks to their universal application options.Breathable, water-resistant plaster protects the wound against contamination (mechanical barrier). Wound pad does not stick to the wound and can be easily removed. Stretchy material that adapts to the shape of the body. Comfortable to wear.

    Nexcare Active Bandages are specifically designed to meet the needs of active individuals. These bandages offer cushioning, protection, flexibility, and adhere well to damp skin, making them perfect for use during sports activities or in hot and humid conditions. The unique diamond shape of these bandages ensures they can effectively cover hard-to-reach body parts.

    The various functions of NexcareTM Plastic Sheer Bandages and Nexcare Active Bandages include shielding cuts and wounds from contamination, encouraging the healing process, stopping additional harm to the wound, giving the wound dressings water resistance, covering and shielding incisions left after surgery, and successfully treating small burns, cuts, and scrapes. These bandages provide complete wound care solutions for people of different lifestyles thanks to their adaptable design and sturdy adhesive qualities. These bandages offer comfort and support, assuring the best possible healing and protection for a variety of wound types—whether they are used for daily activities or sports-related injuries.

    A dependable treatment for small cuts, scratches, and wounds is provided by Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-10 72x25mm 10/Box. These bandages allow for breathability and flexibility while offering covert protection because to their sheer nature. The dimension of 72x25 mm is perfect for providing adequate coverage and protection for minor wounds. These bandages come in a handy box of ten and are ideal for carrying around in handbags, backpacks, or first aid kits. They also make great medicine cabinets. Nexcare Sheer Bandages provide consistent wound care to let you stay active and protected whether you're at work, home, or on an adventure. These bandages offer piece of mind for common mishaps and accidents due to their sturdy structure and practical packing, making them an indispensable addition to any first aid kit.


    How to Use It: • Clean the wound area before application • Choose an appropriate size from the 50-piece assortment • Peel the backing off the bandage • Carefully place the adhesive side of the bandage over the wound • Apply pressure to the bandage to ensure proper adhesion Timing: • Change the bandage daily or as needed • Do not reuse or share bandages


    Wound Care, First Aid And Wound Care