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    Nexcare 3m Soft Plasters Band 8cmx1m 1 N051b

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    When it comes to bigger wounds, the 3M Nexcare Soft Band Plaster is a very trustworthy option for anyone in need of efficient wound protection. Carefully crafted from permeable material, this white band promotes airflow and protects the wound from outside pollutants, creating an environment that is ideal for healing. Because of its gentle texture, the user experiences less pain and irritability even after extended use. The 3M Nexcare Soft Band Plaster offers dependable covering and peace of mind, enabling people to concentrate on their recovery with confidence—regardless of the severity of the wound.

    Because of its extreme flexibility, the plasters may be bent and flexed to perfectly match the motions of your body, offering the best possible comfort and support. Because of their conformable and soft nature, they fit snugly and efficiently cover wounds of all sizes and forms. These permeable plasters promote a healthy environment for healing by facilitating airflow through their construction.

    For external use only. If the wound appears deep, is bleeding excessively, or exhibits signs of infection, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention. Do not utilize the product if the packaging is damaged or has been opened previously. Cease usage if any irritation or redness develops. Ensure the plasters are kept out of reach of children at all times.

    A dependable and adaptable option for wound treatment and protection is offered by NEXCARE 3M Soft Plasters Band 8cmx1m (1 roll) N051B. With dimensions of 8 cm by 1 m, this bandage roll provides sufficient covering for a wide range of wounds and traumas. NEXCARE Soft Plasters Band is a trusted name in healthcare supplies that guarantees gentle and efficient wound treatment. It was designed by 3M. This soft plaster bandage is comfortable and flexible, and may be used for anchoring dressings, supporting sprains, or shielding small cuts and scratches. It adheres firmly but gently and is removable with ease thanks to its strong yet delicate adhesive. A vital component of every first aid kit, the NEXCARE 3M Soft Plasters Band offers comfort for common wounds and bruises.


    Prior to applying, clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. Apply bandage over wound. Do not stretch the bandage when applying. Remove the paper frame from the bandage while smoothing down the edges.


    Wound Care , First Aid And Wound Care