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    Nexcare Heat Patch Pack Of 15

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    Nexcare Heat Patch Pack of 15 helps localized muscle aches, stiffness, and discomfort by releasing the warmth emitted in a soothing heat therapy. The heat patches manufactured by Nexcare, a well-known brand known for its cutting-edge healthcare products, are an effective and convenient solution for individuals on the go.

    Individually wrapped heat patches are convenient and easy to use, whether you are on the go, at home, on the field, or anywhere, the pack has 15 of them for easy use. This patch works fast and offers the possibility to relieve muscle stress and aches no matter where you are.

    The patches react immediately to the movement of air and omit the need for bulky microwaves or other heating devices as a whole. That is one of the primary reasons for their popularity as they eradicate unnecessary processes and can be used with ease and speed. It could not get any easier, just take the patch out of the packaging, pull off the backing, and place the one on the affected skin area.

    The Nexcare Heat Pads are technologically advanced in their ability to offer regular heat and therapeutic warmth to the muscles. The temperature rise helps to increase the flow of blood to the area of pain, and in the long run, helps ensure relaxation and reduces muscular tension. Be it dissatisfaction from exercising, anxiety from stressful situations, or just simple discomfort during daily activities, we got you covered. These patches offer immediate relief to help ease the pain and improve your mobility.

    Heat therapy, which is the key advantage of Nexcare Heat Patches, is their therapy that lasts longer. Each patch grants up to 8 hours of non-stop heat supply. Therefore, you’ll notice a steady relief regardless of day or night. This long-lasting comfort ensures that these heaters are best for use during work hours, while away at night, or during traveling when the traditional heating methods may not readily be available. Plus, Nexcare Heat Patches are equipped with a flexible and adhesive covering that perfectly matches your skin contours.


    Apply the patch to clean dry and non-greasy skin. Adhesive patch provides local warming effect.


    Gel Fill, Outer Covering, Sealing Material


    Pain Management , Back Pain, Muscle Pain