Nexcare™ 3M Sheer Bandages 72X25Mm - 20 Pcs
Nexcare™ 3M Sheer Bandages 72X25Mm - 20 Pcs 1
Nexcare™ 3M Sheer Bandages 72X25Mm - 20 Pcs 2
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    Nexcare™ 3M Sheer Bandages 72X25Mm - 20 Pcs

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    Adhesive bandages that successfully shield wounds and accelerate healing are the versatile and trustworthy Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-20 72x25mm 20/Box. Thanks to their sturdy design and convenient size, these bandages cover minor cuts, scratches, and abrasions discreetly so you may carry on with your daily activities.All skin types, especially sensitive skin, can use Nexcare Sheer Bandages since they are gentle on the skin and composed of premium materials. The hypoallergenic adhesive's powerful and long-lasting adherence ensures that the bandage won't slip or come off too soon. Furthermore, this adhesive method improves wearer comfort by lowering the likelihood of irritation or pain.

    These bandages, which are 72 x 25 mm in size, provide sufficient coverage for minor to moderate wounds and act as a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and other outside impurities. Through good wound management and the avoidance of needless disruptions to the healing process, the sheer design of the bandages facilitates easy monitoring of the wound's healing progress without the need to remove the bandage.
    These bandages are perfect for both personal and professional use because each package contains 20 separate bandages. When it comes to treating small wounds and crises, Nexcare Sheer Bandages provide ease and dependability, whether you require first aid supplies for your house, place of business, or hospital.

    Because of their water-resistant nature, these bandages won't lose their adhesive qualities when you shower or wash your hands. This characteristic makes sure the bandage stays in place even in wet conditions, preserving the best possible wound protection and accelerating healing without interruption.
    Nexcare Sheer Bandages are not only useful but also aesthetically beautiful because of their transparent design that melds in perfectly with the skin. Because of their covert look, the bandages can be applied to body parts that are visible, such the face, arms, and legs, without bringing undue attention to the wound.


    Prior to applying, clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. Apply bandage over wound. Do not stretch the bandage when applying. Remove the paper frame from the bandage while smoothing down the edges.




    Wound Care