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Rossano Ferretti Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade 75 G

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In the ever-evolving world of hairstyling products, one classic contender stands out: hair pomade. Loved for its versatility and ability to create various styles, hair pomade has remained a staple for individuals seeking sleek, polished looks. Whether you have fine locks in need of volume or thick strands requiring control, there's a pomade out there suited to your needs. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of hair pomade, compare it to hair cream, explore its benefits for different hair types, and spotlight a renowned brand, Rossano Ferretti. Additionally, we address common questions regarding the use and effects of hair pomade.

Hair Pomade vs. Hair Cream: Understanding the Difference

Before delving into the specifics of hair pomade, it's essential to distinguish it from its counterpart, hair cream. While both products serve to style and tame hair, they differ in composition and texture.

Hair pomade typically boasts a thicker, more substantial consistency compared to hair cream. It provides a stronger hold and a shinier finish, making it ideal for achieving slick, structured hairstyles. On the other hand, hair cream offers a lighter hold and a more natural-looking finish, making it suitable for softer, tousled styles.

When deciding between the two, consider your desired hairstyle and the texture of your hair. Those with fine hair may prefer the lightweight feel of hair cream, while individuals with thicker strands may opt for the added control of pomade.

Best Hair Pomade for Fine Hair: Adding Volume and Texture

For individuals with fine hair, finding the right styling product can be a game-changer. Hair pomade, particularly those formulated for fine hair, can provide much-needed volume and texture without weighing hair down.

One of the best hair pomades for fine hair is Rossano Ferretti. This pomade is specifically designed to add volume and definition to find locks while providing a flexible hold. Its lightweight formula ensures that hair remains bouncy and full of life, without any greasy residue.

Best Pomade for Thick Hair: Taming Unruly Strands

Thick hair presents its own set of challenges, often requiring a styling product with formidable hold and control. Fortunately, there are pomades tailored to meet the needs of individuals with thick, unruly hair.

Rossano Ferretti's pomade stands out as an excellent choice for thick hair. Its strong hold formula effortlessly tames even the most stubborn strands, allowing for long-lasting styles that remain in place throughout the day. Despite its robust hold, this pomade leaves hair feeling soft and touchable, without any stiffness or greasiness.

Hair Care: Maintaining Healthy Locks

While styling products like pomade can work wonders for achieving your desired look, it's essential not to overlook the importance of hair care. Proper maintenance and nourishment are key to ensuring that your hair remains healthy and vibrant, regardless of the styling products you use.

Incorporate a regular hair care routine consisting of shampooing, conditioning, and occasional treatments such as deep conditioning masks. Additionally, protect your hair from heat damage by using heat protectant products before styling with hot tools. Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends and promote healthy growth.

Spotlight on Rossano Ferretti: Elevating Hair Care

Renowned for its luxurious hair care products and innovative styling solutions, Rossano Ferretti has become synonymous with excellence in the world of hairstyling. With a commitment to using only the finest ingredients and cutting-edge techniques, Rossano Ferretti products are designed to nourish, protect, and style hair with unparalleled precision.

Among its impressive lineup of products, Rossano Ferretti's pomade stands out as a must-have for individuals seeking salon-quality results at home. Formulated with botanical extracts and nourishing oils, this pomade not only styles hair with ease but also enhances its health and vitality.

Best Hair Pomade for Fine Hair:

Fine hair requires lightweight products that add volume without weighing it down. When choosing a pomade for fine hair, opt for water-based formulas that provide a light hold and natural shine. Look for ingredients like beeswax and glycerin, which help add volume and moisture to fine hair without making it greasy.

Hair Cream vs. Pomade:

Hair cream and pomade are both popular styling products, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct benefits.

Hair Cream:

  • Light hold

  • Adds moisture and shine

  • Ideal for soft, natural looks

  • Suitable for fine to medium hair


  • Medium to strong hold

  • Provides texture and definition

  • Suitable for various hair types

  • Ideal for slicked-back styles and pompadours

When deciding between hair cream and pomade, consider your hair type, desired style, and level of hold needed.

Best Pomade for Thick Hair:

Thick hair requires a pomade with a strong hold to tame unruly strands and maintain hairstyle throughout the day. Look for oil-based pomades or heavy-duty water-based formulas that offer maximum hold and control.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hair Pomade:

  1. Hold: Determine the level of hold needed for your desired hairstyle.

  2. Shine: Consider whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish.

  3. Ingredients: Look for natural ingredients that nourish and protect hair.

  4. Hair Type: Choose a pomade that suits your hair texture and thickness.

  5. Washability: Decide whether you prefer water-based pomades that are easy to wash out or oil-based pomades that provide a longer-lasting hold.


Can you use pomade on dry hair?

Yes, pomade can be used on dry hair. Simply emulsify a small amount of pomade between your palms and apply it evenly throughout dry hair, focusing on areas where styling is desired. Avoid using too much product to prevent buildup.

How to use pomade on thin hair?

For thin hair, it's essential to use pomade sparingly to avoid weighing down the hair. Start with a small amount of pomade, emulsify it between your palms, and apply it evenly throughout damp or dry hair, focusing on the roots for added volume.

Is hair pomade suitable for all hair types?

While pomade can be used on all hair types, the amount and type of product used may vary depending on the texture and thickness of the hair. Those with fine hair may prefer lightweight pomades, while individuals with thick hair may opt for stronger hold formulas.

Does hair pomade leave my hair greasy or oily?

Quality hair pomades should not leave hair feeling greasy or oily when used in moderation. Opt for pomades with water-based formulas, as they are less likely to leave residue and are easier to wash out compared to oil-based pomades.

In conclusion, hair pomade offers a versatile and effective solution for styling hair of all types. Whether you're looking to add volume to fine locks or tame unruly strands, there's a pomade out there to suit your needs. By understanding the differences between pomade and other styling products, selecting the right formula for your hair type, and prioritizing proper hair care, you can achieve your desired look while maintaining the health and vitality of your hair.