Nexcare 3M Steri-strip Sut.cut.adultbeige 6mmx75mm 8
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    Nexcare 3M Steri-strip Sut.cut.adultbeige 6mmx75mm 8

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    Select Nexcare SS08 3M, a well-known business recognized for its cutting-edge medical solutions, created the adaptable medical device known as Steri-Strip X3. Providing efficient closure and support for small wounds, lacerations, and incisions, these Steri-Strips are indispensable parts of wound care. Eight strips in all, six measuring 6 mm × 75 mm and five measuring 3 mm x 75 mm, are included in each box to accommodate different wound shapes and sizes.Steri-Strips' main goal is to provide a non-invasive technique for closing wounds. This method works especially well for minor to moderate wounds, when stitches might not be required or practical. These hypoallergenic adhesive strips stick firmly to the skin and effectively press the borders of the incision together to promote healing.

    Breathable structure is one of the standout features of the Nexcare Ss08 Steri-Strip X3. Because the material is porous, sufficient airflow to the wound site is made possible, which is essential for creating a healing environment. Additionally, the strips are waterproof, shielding patients from moisture and enabling them to go about their regular lives without fear of the wound closure going compromised.These Steri-Strips' elasticity and ability to adhere to body shapes further increase their versatility. Applying the strips to knees, elbows, joints, or other regions that move a lot guarantees the wearer's comfort because they stick firmly without limiting movement.

    Additionally, by mechanically supporting the wound edges, lowering tension, and lowering the chance of wound dehiscence or scarring, Nexcare Ss08 Steri-Strip X3 facilitates the best possible wound healing. The creation of robust, aesthetically attractive scars is encouraged by these strips, which hold the skin together and improve patient results overall.Not only can Steri-Strips be used to close wounds, but they can also be used to reinforce surgical incisions, act as an additional support for sutures or staples, and give the wound site more stability and support while it heals.


    To use Nexcare SS08 Steri-Strip, start by cleaning and drying the wound thoroughly. Gently pull the skin on either side of the wound together to close it. Apply the strip across the wound, pressing down firmly to ensure proper adhesion. Leave the strip in place until it naturally falls off, typically after several days. It's important to avoid getting the strip wet to maintain its effectiveness. These adhesive strips provide reliable wound closure for various injuries.


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