Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-100 72X25Mm 100/Box
Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-100 72X25Mm 100/Box 1
Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-100 72X25Mm 100/Box 2
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    Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-100 72X25Mm 100/Box

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    Nexcare Sheer Bandages 656-100 72x25mm, in a practical packaging of 100 pieces, are a perfect representation of reliability, comfort, and versatility in wound care. They are intended to give a sufficient level of protection when somebody has a small injury such as a cut, scrape, or abrasion and therefore, should be found in every first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

    The construction of these products alone gives a natural and unobtrusive look that will match up to any skin tone. This very attribute is more appropriate for people who choose to wear a discreet bandage or need to put it on visible parts of the body. Such material also gives a great opportunity to monitor the wound's progress without the need to remove the bandage.

    These dressings have a size of 72x25mm, which makes them ideal for relatively minor cuts and abrasions and prevents dirt, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants from entering the wound. The adhesive backing ensures that the bandage is tightly secured, and this stickiness does not cause any irritation or discomfort to the skin. This adhesive has a gentle effect on the skin, making it hypoallergenic. It means that these bandages can be used by people with sensitive skin.

    Besides, Nexcare Sheer Bandages' breathable design allows for airflow to the wound site, which can also help the healing process. This feature reduces moisture accumulation and permits the skin to breathe, which decreases the odds of skin turning soggy and stimulates a more comfortable healing process.

    Such convenient packaging as 100 bandages per box allows users to have always enough quantity at hand not only for minor cuts and bruises but also for more severe cases. These types of bandages usually come with a non-allergenic adhesive for sensitive skin and are typically close to improving the healing rate. They are common in first aid kits along with medicine cabinets and healthcare facilities as the go-to-for everyday wound care needs to have more people covered.


    Prior to applying, clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. Apply bandage over wound. Do not stretch the bandage when applying. Remove the paper frame from the bandage while smoothing down the edges.


    Adhesive, Sheer Film, Non-Stick Pad


    Wound Care