Nexcare Sheer Bandages 658-20 Assorted 20/Box
Nexcare Sheer Bandages 658-20 Assorted 20/Box 1
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    Nexcare Sheer Bandages 658-20 Assorted 20/Box

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    It's a practical measure to have a first aid kit in your house, office, or vehicle, and bandages are one of the indispensable items that these kits should contain. Nexcare Sheer Bandages, 658-20 Assorted Skin Colors are a great all-purpose remedy for everyday, oftentimes common scrapes, scratches, and minor abrasions. They are durable and comfortable with better suitability to adhere to the site of injury which allows for a good level of wound protection and healing.

    Surgical Skin Care Nexcare™ Plastic Sheer Bandages provide reliable protection for minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises during regular daily activities. Nexcare Sheer Bandages include a sheer form that matches the patient's skin tone perfectly, making it look non-flashy and natural. Manufactured using water-resilient, conformable film backing, which fits the shapes of the body, and is not made of natural rubber latex.

    Therefore, in both facial, hand, and other wound expressions, these bandages ensure a negligible barrier, and this makes users confidently deal with everyday engagements, without expositing their wounds. Aside from absorbing the excess moisture and fluid, the permeable material of the dressing allows for air to flow through the wound, which helps in faster healing and decreasing the risks of irritations and discomfort. Aside from that, the non-stick plate serves as a padding of the wound and wicks away extra moisture keeping it dry and clean and that's a perfect environment for wound healing.

    Band-Aids Nexcare Sheer provides bandages that, ranging from small cuts and blisters to scrapes and abrasions, ensure protection, comfort, and optimal coverage. This multi-purpose nature is what makes them an inevitable part of any first aid kit, pharmacy medicine reserve, or workplace emergency resource. Another aspect of their versatility is that they come in two sizes; one pack contains 20 plasters: 10 pcs – 25 mm x 72 mm and 10 pcs – 16 mm x 57 mm.


    Prior to applying, clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. Apply bandage over wound. Do not stretch the bandage when applying. Remove the paper frame from the bandage while smoothing down the edges.


    Adhesive, Sheer Film, Non-Stick Pad


    Wound Care, Skin Healing