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    Nexcare Cr-3B Athletic Wrap Blue for Muscle & Joint Relief

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    Nexcare CR-3B Blue Athletic Wrap offers a wide range of useful supports, wraps, and sleeves that come in handy for athletes and individuals who have joint or muscle issues when they are doing sports. From Nexcare, the brand you can always rely on for medical supplies and wound care items, out comes this yet most versatile athletic wrap designed to work together giving the wearer the power to go about any daily activity with confidence.

    CR-3B Sport Wrap is cut from stretchable material which does not limit fat to joints and muscles and lets them be compressed and supported through the whole movement. This cotton material is not only a safe and appropriate choice of clothing for exercise or to complete the set of your active lifestyle but also a comfortable piece of attire that is expected to feel well with your body.

    Suitable for the Skin material, this sports linkage can deliver breathable air to the body surface and avoid discomfort and overheating resulting from continuous wearing. This facilitation is a very useful feature, especially for people who are involved in workouts for a long period of time or intense working out.

    The touch blue shade of the jacket represents waterproof properties which qualify it for wet and damp conditions. While used for some outdoor sports and in-water fun, the CR-3B Athletic Wrap will help in giving the stability and support it promises. People only need to a bit loose and tighten the fastener and band, unfortunately during application.

    The wrap offers specific support and compression to the problematic joints, which are typically the ankles, knees, or wrists, and contributes to preventing injuries and alleviating discomfort that is usually associated with other physical activities. 

    By being able to tightly follow the muscle contour, the athletic wrap functions like a protective equipment of sorts, it helps in enhanced balance and proprioception, thus increasing the effectiveness of the movement during sports or exercises. Next is a versatile pad specifically designed for different sports or exercises such as running, basketball, tennis, and weight lifting. The pad can compensate for various body movements and intensity levels during sports.


    Begin wrapping the athletic wrap around the joint or muscle that requires support. For example, if wrapping an ankle, start at the base of the foot and work your way upward, overlapping each layer of the wrap by about half its width. As you wrap, apply gentle tension to the wrap to provide the desired level of compression and support.


    Athletic Wrap


    Muscle and Joint Support, Bone Wellness, Bone Strength