Nexcare Cwp-30 Clear Waterproof Bandages 30 Assorted Pieces
Nexcare Cwp-30 Clear Waterproof Bandages 30 Assorted Pieces 1
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    Nexcare Cwp-30 Clear Waterproof Bandages 30 Assorted Pieces

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    Nexcare CWP-30 Clear Waterproof Bandages 30 Assorted Pieces are the next generation of simple, effective, and reliable wound care products that are suitable to stop bleeding and protect minor cuts and wounds. Such bandages are tighter-fitting offering better protection from water, dirt, and bacteria. Therefore, they are better suited for active people who are unwilling to let even minor injuries hold them back in any way.

    Nexcare CWP-30 bandages mix excellence in design with a transparent and clear aspect, covering automatically and smoothly and featuring a "matching all tones" approach. It all depends on where the bandages are used. Sometimes they are not even visible, providing a practically unnoticed cover and leaving the affected person relaxed and comfortable to go about his duties normally.

    This choice is recommended for those folks with very low thresholds, as there is no need to pay attention on that specific wound at all. Nexcare waterproof bandages are manufactured from tear-resistant materials and fixed on the skin with strong adhesive. This ensures that the bandage stays in the correct place when we all undertake heavy exercises. Such a method does not cause the bandage to slip or to be destroyed by movement of any kind. That is a method to speed up healing and diminish wound infections significantly.

    Among many attributes of Waterproof & Breathable Bandages by Nexcare is their ability to control airflow while keeping them waterproof. This material has been insanely used in helping prevent water from being captured in the wound, hence ensuring the creation of an environment where healing can be in a healthy condition.

    Nexcare Wound Care Cwp-30 has on top of its functional advantages proteins and there is also no latex which makes it safe for people with sensitive skin. This is because their gentle adhesive exfoliating formulation will minimize the chances of skin irritation and allergic reactions. What matters most to our customers is our dedication to using only natural ingredients.


    Prior to applying, clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. Apply bandage over wound. Do not stretch the bandage when applying. Remove the paper frame from the bandage while smoothing down the edges.


    Adhesive, Sheer Film, Non-Stick Pad


    Wound Care