Yaya Omega 3 Gummi Vitamins for Children 60 Fruit Flavored Gummies

    Yaya Omega 3 Gummi Vitamins for Kids 2+ | 60 Fruit Flavored Gummies

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    Are you looking for the best Omega-3 Supplement for Kids who experience mental well-being issues? Yaya got you covered with its omega 3 gummies for kids, a globally-approved formula to deal with varied psychological concerns. Many kids go through mental well-being issues at early ages, such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety, at different scales. Their parents seek the best natural solutions that should help their little angels tackle these burdens and enjoy their childhood. Therefore, Yaya experts saved no effort to deliver complementary, yummy gummies that are fruity, chewy, and likeable by kids.

    Omega-3 for kids is rich in fish oil that received scientific recognition as being among the best agents in enhancing brain functions. It develops cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration, and thus you can consider it the omega-3 for children’s brain development. Yaya gummi vitamins are also the best omega-3 for kids with psychological instabilities at early ages due to varied factors. ADHD, for example, is a mental well-being concern that is inherited most of the time, the same goes for depression. From here, Yaya gummi vitamins offer the best omega-3 for anxiety that usually comes with the previously mentioned issues.

    So for those wondering: Does omega-3 help with anxiety and depression? Yes, it does! Parents give this critical supplement to their kids in the form of syrup or bills that kids don’t like. That’s why Yaya experts decided to offer these dietary supplements in the form of chewy gummies that are fruit-flavoured. By doing so, they help parents and kids enjoy omega-3 benefits for brain without any rejections or fights. Not to mention these vitamins are dermatologist-recommended due to their safe formula that’s free of gluten, gelatin, and preservatives. Order now from Wellness Souq, the ideal online shopping store for everyone in the UAE!


    Omega-3 dose for ADHD child varies as to be: 1 Gummi daily for kids 2-4 years, and 2 gummies for kids over 4 years.


    Omega 3

    Fish Oil



    ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Support, Concerntration Support