Yaya Omega 3 Gummi Vitamins for Children 60 Fruit Flavored Gummies

    Yaya Gummi Omega 3 Vitamins for Kids | 60 Fruit Flavored Gummies

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    Parents who have a difficult time getting their children to consume fish oil supplements will enjoy Yaya Omega-3 for Kids. These nice gummies offer a flavorful option to the powerful fishy flavour of the fish pills and a fruit-flavoured alternative that children will adore. Each gummi in Yaya omega-3 supplement has a precise amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially for DHA. All of which are important for the baby’s brain development, cognitive abilities, and eyesight. These benefits that combine in one dietary supplement make it the best omega-3 supplement for kids without any doubt.

    The star of the show regarding these gummies from Yaya is, of course, the Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for appropriate brain development to help them grow and nourish healthily. DHA is a specific type of Omega-3 fatty acid that is used to construct and maintain brain cells. This acid in Yaya omega 3 gummies for kids aids the cognitive capacity, memory, and learning journey for kids. Besides, these gummies are omega-3 fish oil for kids that help them maintain optical well-being. DHA helps keep strong vision and supports eye development, a core feature that guarantees parents omega-3 for children’s brain development.

    Not only that! But also omega-3 benefits for brain expansion especially with these unique, delicious gummies. They come in a fun, easy-to-take format to make them a perfect alternative to liquids and capsules that kids hate. The best omega-3 for kids comes in appealing, joyful shapes and colours to encourage kids to take them without a fight. As well, Yaya Omega-3 for Kids are the ideal choice for parents concerned about dietary restrictions as these gummies are free of gluten and gelatin. Not to mention the variety of beneficial ingredients available in each gummi that boost its effectiveness up to another level. These are biotin, zinc, selenium, and magnesium, a collection of essential nutrients that a kid’s little body needs. Order now from Wellness Souq, your favourite online shopping store for a safe, joyful experience in the UAE!


    For kids 2-4 years: chew one fruity gummi a day. For kids over 4 years: chew two fruity gummi a day.




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    Mental Well-Being, Eyesight Support, Memory Support