QV Hand Cream with SPF15 50 G

    QV Hand Cream with SPF15 50 G

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    QV Hand Cream with SPF15 50 grams, whether for protection or moisturization, is an efficient product that fastens every sensitive skin cell on the hands. QV has managed to attract customers due to the hand cream they produce which is not only to be trusted but when compared to other skin solutions, QV hand cream puts it as best. This product gives the skin the feeling of sufficient moisture for the self to be protected from the sun and still keep soft, smooth, and completely protected against harmful UV rays.

    QV Hand Cream is obviously a very good product. It has this particular element which is the composition of fats and hygroscopic ointments. They help to reinforce the skin barrier against the effects of dehydration thus averting such conditions as dryness and also cognitively revitalizing dry and dehydrated hands. 

    Glycerin, a natural humectant, attracts water to the skin’s surface, and paraffine continues with the job that petrolatums do as a barrier to seal in moisture and protect the barrier of the skin from evaporation to ensure that it always looks shiny and hydrated.

    In addition to moisturizing, it also contains the SPF15, as an internal feature. That fact alone, however, might be the most extensive protection mechanism of our palms from both UVA and UVB waves, as a result, they could hold back some sun damage, aging, and the development of spots and wrinkles. Sun care is considered by the cream in providing the right sun protection which guarantees you to guard against the downward mobility that may lead to unhealthy skin in the future.

    The product's supple, skin-friendly, non-sticky formula easily glides onto the skin with a light touch, and it leaves a thin, silky, and non-oily layer on the skin surface. Nevertheless, due to the substance's delicate balance, it can be safely applied to any skin type and people with sensitive skin for everyday consumption.


    Using QV Hand Cream is nothing complex and hassle-free. Make use of a little bit of the cream and just massage until it gets fully absorbed. Once in the early morning reapply if needed throughout the day, especially when washing hands or going out in the sun for a long time, so that skin will avoid being dried out and also protected from the sun's rays.


    Skin Softening, Skin Moisturization, Sun Damage