QV Face & Body Wash Soap-Free Sensitive Skin 250 Ml

    QV Face & Body Wash Soap-Free Sensitive Skin 250 Ml

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      Body Wash

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      Sensitive Skin


    The QV Foam-Free Facial & Body Wash is a perfect soap-free cleanser, which is created for the utilization of those with sensitive skin, providing an effective yet gentle cleaning procedure for both the face and the body.

    This cleanser was developed by dermatologists themselves and has been tailored to be fragrance-free and soap-free to carry out the task of cleansing without stripping the natural oils off the skin. Hence, it can be used even daily on the most delicate skin types.

    In the composition of QV Face & Body Wash, the fundamental quality is a slight and non-irritative composition for people with sensitive or reactive skin. The function of the soap is omitted subsequently and can provide safe dermal balance to the skin. 

    This helps to regulate the risk of skin irritations and dryness which normally accompany the use of soapy cleansers. In contrast to a harsher chemical process used by some products, the QV body wash elicits a delicate and gentle removal of impurities, dirt, and oil from your skin making sure that there is enough moisture to keep your skin healthy and happy.

    One of the special features of the QV Face & Body Wash is that it's available in multiple forms. Moreover, created for use on both the face and body, this cleanser is one of the jobs or many that simplify skincare routines, enabling people to focus on one product. 

    As a result, this cleanser is suitable for busy people who may need to streamline their regimen. QV Face and Body Wash does an incredible job when used as body wash during showers or facial cleansing once a day, leaving the body gently yet thoroughly cleaned, without upper hands.

    Above all, QV Facial & Body Range does not contain irritants like fragrance, color, and lanolin, which are common with normal products. They are therefore safe for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. It has an allergy-free and pore-penetration-free formula which is ideal for use by individuals with acne-resistant skin. This way it can be used for any person struggling with acne as a skin problem regardless of their skin type.


    Use body wash daily in the shower or bath. Apply desired amount of QV Wash to wet skin and lightly massage. Rinse and gently pat skin dry.


    Citric Acid



    Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

    Lauryl Betaine