PIC  Hot Water Bag With Cover
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    PIC Hot Water Bag With Cover

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    The PIC Hot Water Bag with Cover is a good and faithful medium for delivering therapeutic heat that provides a remedy for soreness, pain, and insomnia. Consequently, this crucial piece of equipment provides consolation and alleviation of many conditions and is considered a must-have item by many households.

    This hot water bag is somewhat made from the best materials therefore it can last for a long time to utilize it many times but without its efficiency being affected. It incorporates the cover which provides extra shield and insulations that prevent the loss of heat or even distribution for long hours.

    The PIC Hot Water Bag, which is the design, ensures safety and ease of usage, including a leak-proof screw cap that firmly compresses the bag to keep any water leaking out. This failproof, foolproof closure system, allows users to do the same kind of thing - enjoying the bag at home or wherever - with peace of mind.

    In this regard, the hot water bag possesses a huge capacity that can harvest hot water as much as needed by the user to have an appropriate temperature and duration of the heat therapy session. Whether used for back pains, menstrual pangs or for keeping oneself warm on chilly nights, this multipurpose instrument adds to the convenience that the whole family may derive from it.

    The plush material and texture of the cover promote a good user experience, separating the bag of hot water and the skin, therefore they prevent burns. This attribute makes sure that burns or instances of uncomfortable heat therapy do not occur, since users will still be able to deal with the beneficial effects of heat therapy. The marvelous transportability of the PIC Hot Water Bag makes it an appropriate accompaniment for trips to other locations or adventures.


    Remove the cork of the hot water bag and fill with adequate quantity of hot water If too hot please be careful, directly apply to the affected area.


    Rubber, Polyester


    Pain Relief, Insomnia, Soreness