Les Zamis Cough Syrup for Children 120 Ml
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    Les Zamis Cough Syrup for Children (Dry-productive-Irritation)120 Ml

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     Les Zamis Cough Syrup for Children provides mild yet efficient relief. This syrup, which comes in a handy 120 ml bottle, is designed to help your kid feel more comfortable and eased during cough episodes.It created for all types of cough wether is dry, productive or irritated.Les Zamis Cough Syrup is a carefully crafted product that contains essential active components to address various elements of cough treatment. It supresses cough, dextromethorphan helps your kid reduces the frequency and the severity of the cough.

    The antihistamine diphenhydramine included in Les Zamis Cough Syrup,that will lead to supress the cough wether it causes  allergy or irritation, that lead to supress the pain and make your child comfort. With a focus on treating the root causes of coughing, Les Zamis Cough Syrup contains all types of intgredients that is a solution to the respiratory system.This syrup is made especially for kids, keeping their requirements in mind throughout formulation. Children can swallow and tolerate it more easily because of its smooth texture and pleasant taste. The 120 ml container holds a good amount of syrup, so it is the best to treat the symptoms of cough and make your child comfort.For parents looking for a dependable and gentle way to treat their child's cough, Les Zamis Cough Syrup for Children is a safe option.

    You can feel secure about what you're feeding your child because it doesn't include artificial colors, flavors, or needless ingredients which makes complete nature and good for kids. When your child is feeling under the weather, Les Zamis Cough Syrup will provide them the comfort they require to recover and return to their lively, fun selves.Finally, Les Zamis Cough Syrup for Children (Dry-productive-Irritation) provides all-encompassing treatment for children's dry, productive, or irritated coughs. It's an essential addition to every parent's medication cabinet because of its gentle approach and intelligent composition. Les Zamis can provide your youngster the solace and alleviation they so richly deserve


    Dosage: to be taken orally. Infants to 5 years: 1/2 teaspoon 3 to 4 times daily. For children older than 5 years: 1 teaspoon 3 to 5 times daily.




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