Fyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution 10 Sachets Net weight 50g
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    Fyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution 10 Sachets Net weight 50g

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    Fyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution 10 Bags is a readily available and efficient approach to rehydration of fluids and electrolytes especially in instances when people suffer from dehydration. Designed specifically to deal with dehydration in a number of situations such as sickness, intense activity, and excessive heat, this solution is fast-acting and efficient to re-establish balance and aid in recovery.

    Each Fyto Fytosel sachet contains a carefully designed mix of electrolytes and sodium, potassium, and chloride that are very important to the body staying hydrated. The purpose of the solution is to replenish those critically required nutrients, which are lost during perspiration, vomiting, or diarrhea among others.

    Very convenient sachet packaging makes this Fyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution so portable and easy to use, that individuals can carry it in their pockets or bags everywhere they go. The portability of the product enables quick response to dehydration cases that may occur in air travel, outdoor, and emergency settings.

    The performance of Fyto Fytosel lies in the fact that this formula was constructed on a scientific background and carefully matched to the electrolyte composition of the body's own fluids. Such a balanced composition promotes the fastest absorption and proper hydration so that the symptoms of dehydration like dry mouth, fatigue, thirst, and dizziness go away.

    In addition, the salty and glucose-containing Fyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution Flavored for palatability makes it more appealing and tastier for individuals who may be experiencing nausea or loss of appetite as a result of dehydration or illness. The flavor which they enjoy prompts proper hydration, this way individuals would drink the right amount of fluid to maintain homeostasis.

    Additionally, our Fiyto Fytosel Oral Rehydration Solution formulated with safety in mind, complies with the highest quality standards and regulations. The batches are tested several times to maintain purity, potency, and constancy, which in turn assure the consumers that it is reliable and effective.


    Add 200 ml of water to the sachet in a glass or cup.


    Sodium Chloride, Citrate Dextrose