Puritan's Pride Vitamin E-Oil 30000 IU Per Bottle Vegetarian Formula 74 Ml

    Puritan's Pride Vitamin E-Oil 30000 IU Vegetarian Formula 74 Ml

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    Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E-Oil 30,000 IU per Bottle Vegetarian Formula 74 ml is a potent and convenient product for your ‘skin-care’ nourishment and rejuvenation uses with Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant known for its numerous skincare benefits. 

    Fabricated by Puritan's Pride, a reliable brand of vitamin and wellness supplements, this Vitamin E oil is primarily produced for people who follow a vegetarian diet, hence restricted to skin care and moisturization products.

    In essence, these ingredients make up the formula of Vitamin E which is fat-soluble and a significant antioxidant that shields the skin from harmful stresses like pollution, UV radiation, and so on." With a high potency of 30,000 IU per bottle, this omega-3 oil gives a thorough nourishment that can help in fighting (off) free radical damage that can cause premature aging. Therefore, a healthier and more youthful complexion will be promoted.

    In addition, Puritans Pride Vitamin E Oil 30000 is made of an all-vegetarian-based formula, meaning its usability is not limited to individuals on vegetarian diets. We, while formulating this product are mindful of it meeting the varied dietary requirements that the consumers may have, still taking into account the varied benefits of Vitamin E concerning skin health.

    Furthermore, the marvelous Vitamin E oil supplies the skin with moisturizing components that are beneficial for the skin as they help to hydrate and calm the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, fluffy, and smooth. It does not grease the skin surface and, hence, is completely absorbed into the skin, thereby avoiding the greasy residue that may result in a sticky feeling.

    For having the Puritan's Pride vitamin E-oil, you use a small amount of this oil on dry and clean skin, you should massage the area gently until the oil absorbs well. It can also be used alone in the form of a single-use product for dry and damaged spots or may be mixed with other skincare products such as a day cream or a serum to boost their effects.


    For adults, take five (5) drops (0.25 ml) daily, preferably with a meal. It can be taken orally or placed in water, juice or food. As a moisturizer, apply directly to your skin.


    Vitamin E

    (as dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate)


    Skin Firming, Skin Hydration, Skin Nourishing, Skin Treatment