PIC solution Air Family-Evolution 1 Unite
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    PIC solution Air Family-Evolution 1 Unite

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    The Home-Air Family-Evolution 1 Unite is an advanced system for air purification improving the air quality in the house and creating a healthier living space at home. The program, which integrates the latest in Filtration technology with convenient features, functionally removes airborne pollutants and allergens, creating unparalleled clean and breathable air for all persons within the building.

    Tandemly we should mention that the Pic Air Family Evolution system is based on a multistage filtration method that filtrates a large number of pollutants that are found indoors. The unit is equipped with pre-filters to obtain large particles like dust, fur, and hair and stop them from clogging the main filter, so the main filter will be serviceable longer. 

    The pre-filter is followed by a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter then. This filter is said to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns having as high as 99.97% efficiency in trapping them. This means that the ones that are normal causes of allergy, including pollen, molds, and bacteria, as well as those that are submicron in size but they may come from different sources, such as fumes and odors, may reach into the deep part of the lungs.

    Moreover, apart from its filtration abilities, the AirFamily-Evolution 1 Unite employs a carbon filter to get rid of and neutralize harmful substances, VOCs, and unpleasant smells yielding purified air that is safe but also with no bad odors. It gives the unit the complete purifying power making it a good choice for the different types of households that may have pets, smokers, or people who are allergic to airborne particles.

    This innovative filtration system is just one of the Air Family-Evolution 1 Unite's fabulous amenities which considerably increase the comfort and usability of the air purifier. The device comes with digital controls, making user experience not only easy but also pleasant due to the sleek appearance. Users can adjust settings and see readings of the air quality levels. Provided with several fan speed levels and the programming functionality, one can pick the way he/she wants to go about the clean air issue and fit his/her own time schedule and preferences.


    Put the unit in an appropriate location within the room or area you want to purify or ventilate. Plug in the unit to a power source and switch it on using the power button or control panel. Adjust any settings available on the unit according to your preferences or the manufacturer's recommendations. This may include setting the fan speed, and timer functions, or selecting specific modes.


    HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), Activated Carbon Filters For Odor Removal


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