PediaVIT D Oral Solution 400 IU Cherry Flavoured Drops 50 Ml

    PediaVIT D Oral Solution 400 IU Cherry Flavoured Drops 50 Ml

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      Dietary Supplement

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      Liquid Drops


    upport the healthy growth of your baby’s little body with PediaVIT D Drops for infants and kids at an early age. PediaVIT ensures your kid receives the vital and proper nutrition for healthy growth and development. These vitamin D drops for kids provide a convenient way to supplement the intake dose of your little angel. Indeed, vitamin D is the crucial nutrient that facilitates calcium absorption, immune function, and teeth and bone development. PediaVIT D trusted brand offers a concentrated dose of vitamin D3 that the body produces naturally when exposed to sunlight.

    PediaVIT D 400 oral solution guarantees strong bones and teeth as vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of nutrients and minerals. By doing so, PediaVIT D drops help prevent serious conditions like rickets that might cause bone deformities in children. The best vitamin D drops for infants also support the immune system to help your kid’s body fight against infection. Not to mention that vitamin D drops for infants are safe from birth to start a healthy routine.

    In addition, PediaVIT D 3 reviews are extremely positive and compelling due to its high effectiveness and safety. The oral solution is globally seen as an easy dosing and pleasant experience for parents and children alike. The bottle is formulated based on the dropping technique allows for easy measurement and administration of the precise dosage. Along with the flexible PediaVIT D drops usage, the liquid solution is enriched with cherry flavouring that makes it more palatable for children. What makes PediaVIT vitamin D drops for newborn stand out is the alcohol and sugar-free formula. It’s also free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, soy, wheat, gluten, and gelatin.

    Don’t hesitate to pamper your kids with the many vitamin D drops baby benefits to grow healthy and strong. Order now from Wellness Souq!


    The PediaVIT D dose for newborns is approximately 20 drops (1 ml) daily. You can also seek an expert’s advice on the proper vitamin D drops dose that your baby’s body needs.


    Vitamin D3

    Carrier Oil

    Cherry Flavor


    Growth Support, Immunity Support, Calcium & Phosphorous Absorption, Rickets Prevention