Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Treatment Shampoo 100 Ml
Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Treatment Shampoo 100 Ml 1
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    Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Treatment Shampoo 100 Ml

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    Want to get rid of head lice the stress-free way? Try Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo. Paranix advanced head lice shampoo eradicates lice and eggs as you wash your hair. Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo kills head lice in 10 minutes and washes the hair at the same time. Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo's new double-action spray has been clinically proven to kill 100% of head lice and eggs in one treatment.

    Infestation of head lice is one of the most persistent and resistant to treatment by conventional means of right in the household almost everywhere and Paranix Head Lice & Eggs Treatment Shampoo provides a real effective method of its treatment. The shampoo formulation with the potential to not only kill the lice but also their eggs has been prepared; The convening and time-saving useful way to deal with this problem remains.

    The precisely designed Paranix advanced lice shampoo formulation has active ingredients that are carefully chosen to target both reproduced lice and eggs with the assurance of total eradication of the infestation. Due to its development which was thorough and went for extensive research and testing to yield results with effectiveness, it can be used with trust as to its efficacy.

    Very great aspect of this anti-head lice treatment shampoo is ease of use as it comes in a portable 100ml size packaging which makes it possible for households to keep just one per household at the rear in case a lice outbreak occurs. The usage of is very easy making sure no one misses a spot while using it. The shampoo additionally foams intensively thus depending upon foaming you can make sure that the hair and scalp have been covered adequately and therefore you can accomplish better success in your treatment of head lice.

    In addition, reassuring safety becomes another important feature to be ensured since it is to be applied on the scalp, and also in children’s cases especially. The shampoo is mild on the scalp and hair with sufficient lice-killing ability and egg-hatching power. This delicate combination of potency and safety will facilitate ease of care, specifically when it comes to treating babies who are vulnerable and might have sensitive skin.


    Apply enough Paranix Treatment Shampoo evenly onto dry hair Be sure to cover all the hair and scalp with a thick layer of the product Massage well from the roots to tips paying particular attention to the neck and behind the ears Leave-on for 15 minutes



    Isopropyl Myristate





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