Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream  for Atopic-Prone Skin 40 Ml
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    Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream for Atopic-Prone Skin 40 Ml

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    Do you know that Hydration and Comfort that is needed by adults and infants, with the mild yet potent Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream, its the best product for this goal, which is designed to relieve atopic-prone skin. This emollient cream's novel composition avoid irritation and keep the skin natural balance, while providing targeted treatment for dry, eczema-prone skin.Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream is made with a special combination of chemicals that provide the skin intense hydration and keep the power of its defence barrier strong enough, Rich in natural ingredients and known for its calming and revitalizing qualities, Sunflower Oil Distillate is a proprietary component added to the cream.

    Ceramides and omega-6 fatty acids, which support the skin's barrier function, it contains rich lipids, emollient cream along with distillate of sunflower oil. Restoring vital lipids fortifies the skin's defenses, it helps to reduce the loss of water and keep it hydrated. This strengthened barrier helps to maintain the general health of the skin by protecting it from outside aggressors like bad weather and pollution.Avocado Perseose is a proprietary natural ingredient included in Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream that promotes the growth of the skin's microbial ecology. Avocado Perseose supports a balanced, healthy population of good bacteria on the skin's surface, which is necessary for a healthy microbiome and the skin's defensive systems. 

    Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream glides over the skin with ease and creates comfort, thanks to its velvety texture and non-greasy consistency. Applying the cream to the face and body as needed, it must a daily routine  This emollient cream restores softness and suppleness to atopic-prone skin with every use, whether you're coping with chronic dryness or sporadic flare-ups.Because Mustela is dedicated to both efficacy and safety, all of its products have undergone dermatologist testing and are devoid of any potentially dangerous components. Mustela Stelatopia+ Emollient Cream helps to relieve irritation and restore balance for a happier, healthier complexion, so you know that you're giving your skin the nourishment and care it needs.


    Apply a generous amount to clean, dry skin. Gently massage the cream into affected areasUse twice daily or as needed to provide relief and hydration for atopic-prone skin.


    Sunflower Oil

    Avocado Oil


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