Les Zamis Infant Colic Oral Solution for Children 25 Ml
Les Zamis Infant Colic Oral Solution for Children 25 Ml 1
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    Les Zamis Infant Colic Oral Solution for Children 25 Ml

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    Les Zamis Infant Colic Drops is an oral solution and a trusted formula that experts designed to alleviate colic symptoms. The solution composition fits their little bodies and ensures the ultimate comfort, relief, and well-being within a few minutes. The specialists at Les Zamis carefully crafted the best colic drops for newborns with meticulous attention to safety and quality. Therefore, this oral solution for colic provides several benefits for the delicate digestive systems of infants. A critical point as parents tend to ask are colic drops safe for newborn before giving them to their babies.

    Les Zamis infant colic drops is an oral solution syrup that has a gentle, yet effective formula that swiftly soothes discomfort associated with colic. The most well-known symptoms of colic pain are fussiness, gastrointestinal distress, and excessive crying that might exhaust your little one. These pain relieving drops include carefully selected ingredients that provide instant relief as they combat the main causes of colic. Thus, they promote a healthy digestion function and ease gas and bloating. For that, Les Zamis colic drops feature an oral solution used for varied well-being issues linked to the digestive system. And they already witnessing high demand and likability worldwide.

    Not only that! But also the highly-certified experts and manufacturers at Les Zamis commit to using natural ingredients in this gentle formulation. Les Zamis infant colic drops consist of purified water, glycerin, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and other effective, yet safe agents. All of which, and more, have pain relief properties to loosen stomach crumbs and other causes of the annoying colic. Besides, the best colic drops for newborns are free of harsh chemicals and artificial additives to prioritize the well-being and safety of infants. Order Les Zamis Infant Colic Solution now from Wellness Souq, the ideal online shopping store in the UAE! 


    If you wonder how to use colic drops for babies, you should give them to your infant orally. Experts recommend 1 ml every 15-20 minutes for three doses in case of tough colic, then take 2-3 times a day as needed.




    Citric Acid

    Sodium Benzoate

    Sodium Cyclamate

    Potassium Sorbate


    Colic Relief, Infants Well-Being, Digestive Care