ISDIN Ceutics Expert Pigment Correcting Face Serum 30 Ampoules x 2Ml
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    ISDIN ceutics Expert Pigment Correcting Face Serum 30 Ampoules x 2Ml

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    By far the most advanced serum for the skin, ISDIN Ceutics Expert Pigment Correcting Face Serum 30 ml Ampoules, is a specialized medical-grade treatment product that aims at effectively reversing hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation leaving users with visibly more even-toned and brighter skin.

    Key Ingredients:

    Tranexamic Acid: Lysine, a synthetic acid minimum, and melanin are produced that perform the function of melanin skin spotting formation and other chain colors. This is due to the limited melanin pigment formation process that makes it a product that minimizes hyper-pigmentation and helps even the skin tone.

    Niacinamide: a kind of vitamin B that has proven to be also useful for the treatment of skin. On top of that, it could be used for hydration, to brighten, and to strengthen the skin barrier. This is carried out by a reduction in the dark spots and brought about by evenness in skin tone. 

    Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a best friend in detoxifying free radicals and this makes the skin look glowing and appealing. Besides this, it also encourages collagen formation and produces healthy, more youthful skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid has the property of water-retaining that can absorb and retain water in the skin. This maintains the skin well-moistened, silky, and soft enough.

    The multi-functionality MO of ISDINceutics Expert Pigment Correcting Face Serum 30 Ampoules implies its diversity of benefits. The packaging will make sure to ensure the freshness and efficiency of the serum by having only single servings of the best product in every dosage.

    This factor alone is already another plus point, the original package gives freshness and potency to each ampoule, so every dose is guaranteed to be enough for each single-use activity. Mainly, this kind of packaging helps maintain the freshness and strength of the serum while the sachets with the right volume of the premeasured product protect the maximum effect. 

    As a cherry on top, the serum solution is lightweight; and quickly absorbs nature making using it a breeze in addition to being able to pair it with other skin care products. The ISDINceutics Expert Pigment Correcting Face Serum has undergone dermatological test results that have registered its suitability for every skin type, even for the most sensitive skin. It is a formula that does not block pores and Brendon-sniff; you can use it every day.


    Apply in the morning as the first step of the anti-stain facial routine, right after cleaning. Apply on clean and dry skin of the face, hands, neck and / or neckline, avoiding the eye contour. Then continue with the usual facial routine. To help improve the appearance of the spots, apply morning and night for 3 months. Then continue with one application per day as routine maintenance..


    Tranexamic Acid


    Vitamin C

    Hyaluronic Acid


    Dark Circles, Dull Complexion, Hyperpigmentation, Brightening and Whitening