Isdin Lip Protector Spf 30
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    ISDIN Protector Labial SPF 30 for Dry Lips 4G

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    The Isdin Lip Protector Spf 30 is more than a lip balm, it’s a complete tool for the protection of your lips from the damaging effects of the sun while giving the best care for maintaining the optimal health and state of your lips. Offering quality and effective ingredients along with its high SPF rating, you can say it's just there for you if you want healthy and soft lips this whole year round.

    Sunburn and other forms of damage from UV rays generally roll off the skin lip’s role. In this case, the statement is specific to sunburn and other forms of damage from UV rays. Isdin Lip Balm HV Spf 30 is focused on this issue and allows you to get broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection which means your lips are protected from UVA and UVB rays which are the reasons for the negative influence of the sun on the skin. 

    Besides its gratifying role in coloring the lips, lipstick also plays a vital role in warding off sunburn, preventing premature aging and lowering the risk of developing skin cancer, keeping the lips healthy and youthful.

    Moreover, as elaborated above, ISDIN Protector labial SPF 30 contains not only sunscreen but also some moisturizing and softening ingredients to help you take care of your lips. Its nourishing formula is rich in moisture-replenishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and panthenol, which come together to fight the negative effects of dryness and replace the natural barrier function of your lips leaving them soft, smooth, and healthy.

    ISDIN Lip Protector is a unique lip balm with a non-greasy and lightweight consistency that avoids the feeling of stickiness during the daytime. In contrast to other brands, it can be worn during the day, because it does not keep you feeling sticky. It feels like a glissade to apply easily, with no trace left, smooth as butter on your lips. In case of UV exposure or extreme temperatures, this lip balm will help you avoid dryness and discomfort to leave your lips moisturized and nourished for a long time.

    Also, it has undergone dermatologist testing and is already proven to be suitable for all shades, including even people with sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation provides a safe environment in which both those with low tolerances and delicate lips can take advantage of the precious asset without any irritation or feelings of discomfort. However, by applying ISDIN Lip Protector SPF 30, you will have no worries about being outdoors protected from the sun. Thus, you do not have to worry about your lips’ health!


    Apply a thin layer to the lips, reapply as necessary to ensure proper moisturising and protection of the lips.


    Vitamin E


    Shea Butter


    Chapped Lips, Dry Lips, Lip Protection