Fyto Lactofibre Food Supplement With Fiber and Lactitol 100 Ml
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    Fyto Lactofibre Food Supplement With Fiber and Lactitol 100 Ml

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    Fyto Lactofibre Food Supplement is a well-rounded product addressing digestive health by means of a mixture of fiber and lactitol in a correct manner as to its target. Though 300 words are not so much, let us go into its composition, advantages, and how it can supplement your usual lifestyle.

    The nutrient fortification of Fyto Lactofibre is achieved through complementing dietary fiber and lactitol, a non-digestible sugar alcohol that is derived from lactose. Reportedly, fiber has been identified as a nutrient and is well known for how it helps in digestion by promoting regular bowel movements, preventing constipation, and supporting good gut microbiota. Unlike sorbitol, lactitol provides nourishment to the good bacteria in the intestine, which are essential for the production of short-chain fatty acids that boost gut health and overall immunity.

    Undoubtedly, the dual action formula feature of Fyto Lactofibre is one of the winning traits of the product. These complementary effects of fiber and prebiotic lactitol allow the regulation of bowel movement gently and effectively, which makes it suitable for every digestion problem like constipation and irregularity. 

    In contrast to the intense laxatives, Fyto Lactofibre ensures a gentle and non-painful way of bringing order back to a bowel system, allowing you to have a regular routine with no discomfort and dependency.

    The practice of implementing Fyto Lactofibre into your regimen is hassle-free. Be it a glass full of water or juice or some other drink, this mixture's wonderful taste and smoothness provide a hassle-free experience during consumption. It can be easily incorporated into your morning routine or carried while on the go, assuring you that every time your schedule invades, your digestive health is taken care of.

    Besides, the postbiotic properties of Fyto Lactofibre also lower the risk of chronic diseases and hence, contribute to general wellness. Also, the balanced digestive system plays a significant role in the development of emotions and energy levels which proves the holistic nature of focusing on gut health in general.


    Less than 3 years: 5 ml daily at night, 3-12 years: 10 ml daily at night.


    Nutraceutical that consists of an exclusive combination of Lactitol and Fibers.


    Digestive Relief