Color & Soin Hair Color with Pure Pigments Natural Chestnut 4N 135Ml
Color & Soin Hair Color with Pure Pigments Natural Chestnut 4N 135Ml 1

    Color & Soin Hair Color with Pure Pigments Natural Chestnut 4N 135Ml

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      Hair Color

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    Are you looking for the perfect product to change your style for a whole new look? ‘Color & Soin’ Hair Color with Pure Pigments in The Natural Chestnut 4N is a premium hair dye that uses the power of nature together with advanced technologies to create a distinct, long-lasting color and takes care of the hair.

    Bringing together this color by Color & Soin, a brand known for its excellence in hair care and the use of only pure derivatives from natural sources as ingredients for the hair color. These pigments create an undeniable and vitalistic color result, worthy of being compared to natural chestnut hues that hide an endless potential and something deep down.

    The manufacturing of a hair Colour product for Color & Soin focuses on the strands that are good and strong for hair. Containing botanic extracts and conditioning agents, it excels at moisture and nutrition to the cuticle of the hair, and thus they feel and look velvety and rejuvenated. As for the ingredients, argan oil and shea butter play important roles in nourishing from the inside and building external resistance for resilience and sheen.

    A feature that makes Color & Soin hair color different is its devotion to obtaining its ingredients gently and non-toxic. This formulation contains only ammonia-free, paraben-free, and resorcinol-free dyes and no other harsh chemicals of the common hair dyes.

    It is safer which also puts it below the risk of irritation on the scalp and damage to hair cuticle. Instead of indecent artificial dyes, it depends on the miracle of the earth to provide a true and clean color while avoiding no compromise.

    Application of Color A&S utriment. Hair Color is simple and easy to use. The instructions provided are a comprehensive guide, taking the user through the process in a sequential order and producing effortless outcomes.


    PREPARATION: Before application, place a towel over your shoulders and put on the gloves attached to the instructions leaflet. Empty the contents of the Color & Soin hair dye into the applicator bottle containing the colour setting agent. Replace the applicator nozzle and shake the bottle until perfectly blended. APPLICATION: Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Unscrew the applicator nozzle and apply the product immediately after mixing it. Work it through all of your hair, starting from the roots. Leave to act for 20 to 40 minutes depending on how much grey hair you have. RINSING AND CARE: Before rinsing, emulsify the product with a bit of warm water and massage in circular movements. Rinse thoroughly and apply the Color & Soin Hair Balm (included) by gently massaging on wet hair for 2 minutes. Rinse out.



    Shea Butter

    Argan Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Aloe Vera Extract




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