Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Cool Breeze 50 Ml (1+1 Free)
Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Cool Breeze 50 Ml (1+1 Free) 1
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    Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Cool Breeze 50 Ml (1+1 Free)

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    Beat the oder and let Beesline Cool Breeze help you to brighten the underarms area with an extremely cooling touch! Staying clean and fresh throughout the day is necessary, but finding the proper, gentle deodorant to beat the odor is challenging. With Beesline UAE, body care experts will always hand you the best best roll on deodorant for women. The brand bridges the gap and offers unique formulas that deliver effective odor prevention and skin whitening and soothing benefits. 

    Beesline whitening deodorant with cool breeze offers a 48-hour deodorant and antiperspirant action that all ladies hope to get. The unique mix includes Alum Rock, a natural mineral famous for its odour-combatting properties as it neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. A reason why Beesline Cool Breeze review is positive and compelling and why it’s the solution to get all-day freshness. Moreover, Beesline deodorant is the best whitening deodorant for women due to its ability to fight underarm hyperpigmentation. It also contains Lumiskin and Vitamin C to assist even the skin tone and prevent the appearance of dark spots.

    Beesline deodorant ingredients also contain other natural powerhouse agents such as Propolis, also known as bee resin. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help protect and soothe irritated skin and give long-lasting relief. Beesline deodorant UAE is also a roll-on deodorant for ladies who love Aloe Vera scent as it exists in high concentration in this unique formula. It pampers the skin with a cooling and hydrating effect to calm the underarm area, especially after shaving. A thing that makes Beesline deodorant reviews on top of other deodorants in the market. Not to mention that Beesline deodorant whitening is free of aluminum chlorohydrate, a common antiperspirant ingredient linked to skin concerns.

    Order Beesline Cool Breeze now from Wellness Souq, your favorite store for a safe and joyful shopping experience in the UAE!


    Apply a thin layer of Beesline deodorant to clean and dry underarms and allow to dry before dressing. Make sure to reapply after bathing or intense physical activity.


    Aloe Vera

    Alum Rock

    Vitamin C


    Propolis (Bee Resin)


    Body Care, Odor Prevention, Skin Soothing, Skin Whitening, Anti Pigmentation