Banana Boat Sport Sensitive SPF50 Sunscreen Spray 170 G
Banana Boat Sport Sensitive SPF50 Sunscreen Spray 170 G 1

    Banana Boat Sport Sensitive SPF50 Sunscreen Spray 170 G

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    Sunscreen Banana Boat Sports Sensitive SPF50 Sunscreen Spray is a superior-use sunscreen that is well endowed to work as it is competitive in protecting your skin from all the bad rays of UVA and comet of UVB rays at the same time as it targets sensitive skin. The formulation achieves the SPF 50 factor provides the most advanced sunscreen and permits to prevent skin burns and damage from sun rays that are delivered continuously.

    The Banana Boat sport-sensitive sunscreen spray is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin as it is made with gentle components that minimize the chances of other reactions like irritation or an allergic reaction. It is free from chemicals that are highly scented and oily. Those can aggravate the skin without leading it to develop an ailment or allergy and thus make it possible to use it daily for those who have sensitivity.

    The spray application technique is quite convenient because it helps to spread the products evenly across the skin without much difficulty. With the spray application, you are not likely to miss any spot of the skin. It is this functionality that especially suits an active person who hardly gets time for pauses when on the go. Whatever your activity is- be it, playing outdoors or swimming for fun – Banana Boat Sport Sensitive sunscreen spray is just what you need to defy the sun without ruminating on the thick and sticky after-feel.

    In addition to the sun-blocking effect, this sunscreen also doesn’t wear off when you’re in contact with water making it great for water activities or even heavy sweat seeping through. The sweat-resistant formulation of this product can stay in place all through the day and it provides long-lasting protection against harmful ultraviolet rays when you are engaged in a prolonged sporting activity outdoors.

    The Banana Boat Sport Sensitive Sunscreen Spray is dermatologist-tested, dermatologist, and clinically proven that it is a gentle and mild tanning formula for the whole household, including children and those suffering from skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

    The user-friendly spray bottle delivers easy portability and therefore makes it the ideal product for application at any time when sun protection is required. As for its size, it is really small size can be easily squeezed into a beach bag, along with your backpack or gym bag, thus guaranteeing that protection is always nearby.


    Apply generously and evenly to the exposed skin 20 minutes before skin exposure.Reapply at frequent intervals after perspiring, swimming and towel drying.


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